Microsoft Datacenters in the Middle East

Microsoft’s new datacenter regions

Microsoft is investing strongly in the global digital transformation and economic growth, launching two new datacenter regions in the Middle East. The cloud services are being delivered by the two new cloud locations, in Abu Dhabi and Dubai:

ME MS Cloud regions
Microsoft launched two new datacenter regions in the Middle East.

Azure and Office 365 are already available from the Middle East, since the launch of the datacenters last week, with Dynamics 365 and Power Platform following by the end of 2019.

The importance of the cloud

Microsoft’s cloud already serves more than a billion customers and 20 million businesses across the world. With these two new regions, the organization aims to increase this number even further – as a recent Microsoft study unveiled that 70% of the organizations in the Middle East plan to migrate their IT infrastructure to the cloud by 2020.

The two new datacenters are especially interesting for government organizations and enterprises residing in the UAE that need to comply with their in-country regulations. Having cloud regions in Abu Dhabi and Dubai allows for them to transition to the cloud while maintaining security and meeting compliance needs.

Furthermore, these new regions are expected to create more than half a million jobs in the region by 2022:

“We are working closely with governments in the region to ensure both businesses and individuals are appropriately skilled to take advantage of these opportunities, and we are aligning a number of these initiatives to our new datacentres in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.”

Samer Abu-Ltaif, President of Microsoft Middle East and Africa.

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Source: The official Microsoft announcement about the new datacenter regions in the Middle East: