SOLHANA Migration

SOLHANA – short for ‘Solutions for HANA’ – is a single point of contact for companies searching for a service provider to plan, implement and operate SAP S/4HANA in their organization. SOLHANA covers the broad expertise needed to offer independent hardware or public cloud evaluations, Linux systems engineering and maintenance, SAP migrations as well as SAP operations. SOLHANA’s approach and deep business domain expertise in both SAP and Linux facilitates a structured framework for your business to move to the next generation of SAP ERP Suite. Our dedicated team of consultants will accelerate your journey to S/4HANA with the following 6-step migration process.

The SOLHANA Migration includes the following 6 steps:

SOLHANA Migration Process

1. Preparation

Preparatory steps for the migration are executed on the source system and the business processes of the organization are revised.

2. Design

The ideal architecture deployment is designed in detail, including the backup solution, the desired software components and a cost overview of the project.

3. Planning

A holistic S/4HANA migration roadmap is laid out, with respect to timeframe, sequence of events and area of responsibility.

4. Pilot

A pilot migration is carried out to finalize the plan and for the organization to gain experience with HANA.

5. Migration

The migration of the current SAP ERP to S/4HANA is carried out and the business processes of the organization are tailored to leverage the new system capabilities.

6. After Go-Live Support

Postmigration support to ensure the S/4HANA landscapes are performing as required. As every organization’s migration path is unique, this process is tailored for each organization. SOLHANA recognizes that priorities vary and each organization needs to determine the right timetable for its specific requirements.

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