10 Years of ITPC India

10 years ITPC India

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”
Henry Ford

Celebrating a decade of service to our valued customers

We are delighted to announce that ITPC India Pvt. Ltd. has completed 10 years, a milestone that is worth celebrating. In 2006, Vincenzo Boesch founded ITPC AG in Zurich, Switzerland. After four years, together with his brother Biagio Boesch, they decided to expand and established a subsidiary in Pune, India: ITPC India Pvt Ltd, on the 17. September 2010.

In these past 10 years, we have been committed to acquire the expertise needed to deliver the highest service to our customers. ITPC has achieved the following partner levels in India: Microsoft Azure Cloud Gold Competency Partner, Run SAP Partner, Red Hat Ready – Solution Provider Partner & SUSE Gold Partner on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) for SAP. Being partners with the three biggest public cloud providers – Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services – so our customers can adopt their preferred SAP on Cloud-strategy.

Growth Over the years

With an expert and certified team of more than 50 experienced members, we successfully completed over 470 SAP projects in many countries and across different verticals. Today’s fast-paced business demands deeper knowledge, quality, and on-time delivery. Customers, stakeholders, and partners are always looking out for continuous and improved delivery: We are able to deliver this and remain the first choice of our customers.

The Path Forward

ITPC aims to serving customers always beyond their requirements. Our aim has always been to deliver highest quality services as per Swiss Standards. And we will continue delivering this in the years to come, so that our customers can still set the same trust in us: we look forward for the continuous success!

Our SAP on Google-Site is online!

As we all know, cloud computing is becoming a trend – also when it comes to SAP. Retrieving computing resources over the Internet, instead of over on-premise infrastructure frees companies from large upfront hardware investments and decreases their operating expenses, as they only pay for resources that they use. But finding a cloud provider that is secure, reliable and global is essential. Which is why we partnered with Google and Wabion to offer you a platform that fits your individual requirements.

Innovate your SAP landscape with Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Apart from significant savings, deploying your SAP landscape on GCP will bring more flexibility for your environment, as you can scale it up (or down) quickly to adapt to your workload requirements. By leveraging Google’s technologies, you can drive digital transformation, boost innovations and improve the performance of your SAP landscape:

To summary and group all the information that you need about SAP on Google together, we have launched a product-specific landing page:


Algra Group avoids high infrastructure costs with Azure

Algra tec took advantage of the upcoming end of hardware lifecycle to increase the flexibility of its SAP environment by migrating to Microsoft Azure.

Pursuing new technologies

Algra tec is one of the leading aluminum manufacturers of printing plates, panels and keyboards, using state-of-the-art technologies to produce customer-tailored solutions for diverse industries. With more than 60 years of experience in the field, the Swiss-based organization is continuously researching and developing new technologies to shape its customers – and our – future.

Being a technology-driven organization, Algra tec knows the importance of innovation and being able to quickly react and adapt itself to ever-evolving market needs. So, with the organization’s end of hardware lifecycle approaching, Algra tec searched for a solution that would increase the flexibility of its SAP environment and create room for innovation in a cost-effective manner: requirements met by Microsoft’s public cloud, Azure.

A smooth transition to the cloud

Having taken the strategic decision to migrate its SAP environment to Microsoft Azure, Algra tec was in need of an expert partner in which they could trust to take up this responsibility. The Swiss manufacturer evaluated diverse SAP service providers, but it was ITPC AG’s competency in SAP and experience with Microsoft Azure which, combined with its competitive pricing, gave Algra tec the necessary confidence to conduct the project with them.

Before conducting the backup-and-restore migration of Algra’s SAP systems to Microsoft Azure, ITPC AG upgraded the organization’s database and operating system. Being able to compress the data volumes on the initial environment significantly speeded up the migration process. The migration was conducted in 8 weeks, going live in November 2019.

The migration to Microsoft Azure was completed flawlessly without any disturbance nor disruption to the ongoing operations. Our SAP landscape was running smoothly one day after the completion of the migration and faster than before thanks to the new and modern hardware.

Dieter Matter: Chief Executive Officer at Algra tec

Increased flexibility and room for innovation

Having its SAP landscape hosted on Azure, Algra tec was able to avoid the approaching infrastructure investments and increased its IT cost transparency using Microsoft’s ‘pay-per-consumption’-model. As the cloud allows fast and flexible deployment of new systems and for resizing of existing systems, Algra tec creates room for innovation.

ITPC AG not only planned and conducted the SAP on Azure migration project, but now also manages Algra’s SAP environment on the cloud, relieving Algra of both SAP- and infrastructure-related tasks. Having this responsibility outsourced to an expert partner is a further perceived benefit of deploying its SAP infrastructure on the cloud, as it allows Algra to focus more on creating customized solutions for its customers: their core business.

ITPC has highly competent professionals at our availability to provide all the necessary support during and after completion of the project.

Dieter Matter: Chief Executive Officer at Algra tec

Download the success story here.

For more SAP on Azure references, visit https://www.saponazure.cloud/references/

The S/4HANA migration is imminent. What needs to be considered?

With the discontinuation of the SAP R/3 support, all SAP customers are forced to migrate their systems to SAP S/4HANA. This change is a monumental task for many companies and must be planned well in advance, as it takes place on different levels and involves significant process and infrastructure changes. The best is for companies deploying SAP to rethink some aspects of their SAP landscape.

The infrastructure

SAP only supports Linux for its HANA database, which presents a challenge for many SAP customers, as they also need to change the underlying operating system. Installing and migrating SAP systems under Linux with HANA require new skills not all organizations have in-house. Because of these challenges, it is advisable to take the opportunity to introduce a higher degree of automation. Unwanted differences in configuration between development, integration and production systems will then be a thing of the past. The application of SAP best practices and guidelines can be an implicit part of such automation.

Taking advantages of cloud services is increasingly a topic linked to the S/4HANA migration. Many SAP customers want to combine the transition to S/4 with a transformation to the cloud in order to gain more flexibility and optimize costs at the same time. Also for this purpose the automation of infrastructure, deployment and configuration is an essential aspect for successful transition and continued operation.

The processes

SAP S/4HANA is more than just the successor to the SAP Business Suite. As the digital core of the IT architecture, S/4HANA has an impact on existing business processes, as the new generation of SAP brings many new functions. The use of S/4HANA can make business processes leaner or even superfluous – the introduction therefore offers an opportunity for innovation and optimization, which should be used by SAP users to question existing processes in the company.

With proper documentation and mapping of business processes, the effects of S/4 on the company can be understood and decisions can be made about the appropriate implementation strategy for the new software. Should S/4HANA be newly implemented and should the processes be redesigned (greenfield approach) or can they be transferred and adapted to the new SAP system (brownfield migration)? Both variants have advantages and disadvantages that should be thoroughly compared and individually evaluated.

The applications and integrations

The integration of SAP data in peripheral systems is a central requirement for many SAP customers. The switch to S/4HANA forces customers to recreate these solutions, which were often implemented using proprietary SAP tools. A good opportunity to look around and consider alternative approaches, such as open source or cloud solutions.

The new ERP solution brings with it new technologies and functions, so the S/4HANA implementation is far more complex than a pure software upgrade. SAP users should use this innovation potential to simplify business processes, introduce new technologies and prepare for current and future digital market requirements. To do this, organizations facing SAP transformation need a trusted partner with expertise in all required areas and the ability to independently and thoroughly evaluate all options so that planning decisions can be made.

Read the original press release here: https://www.netzwoche.ch/news/2020-05-20/die-s4-hana-migration-steht-an-was-es-zu-beachten-gibt

More on our S/4HANA transformation services can be found here: https://www.itpcgroup.com/services/s-4hana-transformation/

ITPC Group takes SAP customers to the cloud— and the future—with Microsoft Azure

The launch of its SAP on Azure offering in 2015 not only marked the inauguration of ITPC Group as a Microsoft Partner, but as a pioneer in SAP on Azure throughout Europe. Combining its expertise in SAP technologies with the world’s leading cloud solution, ITPC Group has completed over 36 SAP on Azure projects in different markets and industries over the last five years, delivering greater flexibility, efficiency, and cost savings than an on-premises infrastructure. With a team of more than 50 highly experienced consultants, multiple HANA-certified engineers, status as a SAP partner, and as a Microsoft Gold Partner with Gold Cloud Platform Competency, ITPC Group is an ideal partner for migrating SAP landscapes to Azure cloud and propelling modern businesses into the future.

The only constant is change

SAP has demonstrated its commitment to customers by consistently delivering new features and enhancement packages to previous SAP solutions, and by extending mainstream maintenance for SAP Business Suite 7 core applications. However, to harness the full innovative potential of SAP and to benefit from new technologies that enable an intelligent ERP, SAP will phase out support for previous solutions by 2027, making migration to S/4HANA inevitable.

Although many SAP customers view this as an opportunity for a system conversion and EHP upgrade in anticipation of the 2027 change, few are aware of the potential pitfalls should their journey start off on the wrong foot. Any missteps in the beginning of the journey could result in an inflexible architecture with limited scalability or an improperly sized SAP HANA landscape with potentially degraded performance, as well as incur unnecessary conversions and migrations further downstream—all of which can rapidly and significantly escalate costs.

Since no SAP customer can accurately predict how these impending changes over the next five years might affect their business and the existing structure of their SAP system, it’s to their distinct advantage to adopt a flexible architecture today that can accommodate new technologies and enable future innovation. Microsoft Azure, as the foundation for SAP on Azure from ITPC Group, provides just such flexibility.

“An S/4HANA transformation can be very complex, which many customers are not aware of. Moving their SAP landscape to the cloud now, allows SAP customers to prepare for this migration by gaining infrastructure flexibility that’s simply nonexistent on-premises.”

Vincenzo Boesch, Director & CEO, ITPC AG

Fast, flexible, future-proof

SAP customers who are weighing migrating to the cloud must consider three things: will the new cloud-based infrastructure deliver the flexibility they need to accommodate current and future workloads? Can additional systems be deployed quickly to meet sudden and fluctuating needs? And, of course, can it deliver these things economically?

For SAP customers who have entrusted their cloud migration to ITPC Group, the answer to all three is a resounding yes.

ITPC Group’s SAP on Azure solution allows customers to quickly and flexibly deploy additional systems on demand, increasing their ability to adopt new technologies and ensuring ample room for innovation. With SAP on Azure, customers need only decide on the size, performance, and capacity of the additional virtual machines to be deployed, and they can be up and running in a matter of minutes. By contrast, a typical hardware-based infrastructure can take weeks or even months to accomplish the same.

SAP on Azure also creates a highly dynamic SAP environment that enables customers to continuously transform and adapt their SAP systems without the same restrictions as a physical infrastructure. Free from dependencies on hardware lifecycles, Azure not only delivers the robust adaptability that a customer’s current ERP system requires, but also opens the door to future innovations, such as the upcoming S/4HANA transformation.

In addition to greater flexibility, ITPC Group customers running SAP on Azure also benefit from significantly lower infrastructure-related costs as compared to their on-premises equivalent. It’s easy to understand how; no physical hardware means no maintenance and replacement costs, while consumption-based pricing means customers only pay for what they use, which translates into lower operating expenses. A traditional on-premises infrastructure simply lacks this level of flexibility and cost efficiency.

For SAP customers who have already decided on a definitive path toward S/4HANA or want to accelerate their journey, ITPC Group and its partner Adfinis SyGroup, which specializes in open-source technologies, offer a custom solution called SOLHANA. Shorthand for “Solutions for HANA,” SOLHANA continues a customer’s SAP transformation with ongoing services for planning, implementing, and operating SAP S/4HANA within the customer’s environment. Since every migration path is unique, SOLHANA is individually tailored to each customer’s needs, enabling them to make the move to S/4HANA per a timetable of their own specific resourcing and scheduling requirements.

Ready for tomorrow – realizing benefits today

ProNovia AG is an ITPC Group customer that is constantly exploring ways to increase its adaptability to new SAP applications and technology platforms, as well as improve the overall flexibility of its infrastructure. Following several consultations with ITPC Group—including several performance, stability, and reliability tests conducted by ITPC Group—the company made the strategic decision to migrate its SAP infrastructure to Microsoft Azure. By moving to Azure, ProNovia was able to deploy additional systems in a fast and flexible manner, which increased its ability to adopt new technologies. Thanks to SAP on Azure from ITPC Group, the company not only created room for future innovation, but was also ready to begin its journey to S/4HANA, a transformation that was completed in the following months. In addition, as a result of migrating to Azure, ProNovia lowered its SAP hosting costs by 35 percent.

Read the original success story here: https://partner.microsoft.com/en-US/case-studies/itpc-group

Download the success story here.

KOT Insurance Company improves the resilience and security migrating its SAP landscape to Microsoft Azure

Identifying optimization opportunities

Headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, KOT Insurance Company AG conducts reinsurance activities for its parent company, Petróleos Mexicanos (PEMEX), Mexico’s state-owned petroleum company. Like many businesses in the insurance and financial sectors, KOT Insurance is governed by regulatory entities such as the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA), so security is always a high priority.

In the past, KOT Insurance hosted its SAP systems in a local data center, with Swiss-based ITPC Group delivering managed services for the company’s SAP landscape. KOT Insurance was extremely conscious of the importance of its business information and of ensuring the highest security when it came to accessing this information, so when vulnerability concerns related to its overall IT infrastructure surfaced in 2017, the insurer accelerated its previously made decision to undertake changes to its infrastructure. KOT Insurance was looking to implement a more cost-efficient solution with higher flexibility and security for its systems, and turned to a trusted partner that had already established itself as a leader in SAP cloud migrations: ITPC.

When we decided to change a paradigm—to use Azure cloud in our company—we knew where to go, but not “how.” Fortunately, ITPC collaborated on one of the biggest IT infrastructure changes for KOT Insurance Company. The ITPC team showed, without a doubt, that it was ready for the implementation of our project without any difficulty.

Erick Cardenas: IT Administrator at KOT Insurance Company AG

Cloud as the ideal solution

As both a Microsoft Gold Partner with Gold Cloud Platform Competency and a pioneer of SAP on Azure throughout Europe, ITPC outlined the advantages of deploying SAP systems in the cloud over hosting such systems locally. More specifically, ITPC demonstrated how Microsoft Azure was the most suitable cloud option for KOT Insurance, and how the company’s SAP landscape could be built up in Azure using a Disaster Recovery solution. As part of a highly regulated industry with strict security requirements, KOT Insurance was especially impressed with Azure’s inherently high level of security—a feature which, together with the increased flexibility of the systems, was a deciding factor to move forward with the project.

Utilizing its proven SAP on Azure solution, ITPC planned, executed, and performed a “lift-and-shift” migration of the SAP landscape to Microsoft Azure, including rebuilding the infrastructure using a new network design. To further increase the security of the landscape, ITPC created four separate subscriptions in Azure, controlling data exchange with just-in-time access using Network Security Groups (NSGs). The migration itself was completed in less than a month and went live in February 2019.

Flexible for the future

KOT Insurance is extremely pleased with the SAP on Azure solution delivered by ITPC and the greater resilience and security it provides. On Microsoft Azure, the response time of the current support team is far superior to that of the previous one, and the company has been able to reduce the amount of technical issues with the new Azure-based solution. Additionally, the insurance company now has improved security and recovery processes as compared to the previous platform and hosting provider, thanks to a Disaster Recovery Plan that was implemented following completion of the SAP on Azure migration. KOT Insurance is currently planning to migrate additional internal applications to Microsoft Azure, which will benefit greatly from the platform’s flexibility and built-in security. In doing so, the insurance company hopes to use Microsoft Azure as an ideal solution for reducing infrastructure costs while increasing security, flexibility and accessibility—even for business-critical applications.

In the last three years of cooperation with the ITPC company, they have demonstrated that their level of professionalism and commitment to deliver projects is their priority. We have noticed that the quality of services is distinguishable and was exactly what we expected from a company like ITPC. We are really happy to work with them.
Cloud computing is easily one of the best IT achievements in the business world. When we decided to move to it with the help of Microsoft Azure, we got efficiency, reliability, flexibility, and speed as much as we wanted. We still think we received nothing but benefits.

Erick Cardenas: IT Administrator at KOT Insurance Company AG

Read the original success story here: https://customers.microsoft.com/en-us/story/792870-KOTInsurance-ITPC-Azure

Download the success story here.

For more SAP on Azure references, visit https://www.saponazure.cloud/references/

Update on COVID-19

At ITPC Group, we are committed to deliver the highest quality services as per Swiss standards at excellent values, creating a foundation for a sustainable growth for our customers and partners. In the light of the recent developments regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19), we want to assure you that maintaining a safe, secure and uninterrupted operations for our customers, partners and employees remains ITPC Group’s highest priority.

We want to inform you we are taking the necessary precautions for our and our community’s health, including postponing events, eliminating unnecessary travel and working remotely.

As a cloud-based technology business, we are working remotely, ensuring the business continuity of our and your business. Thus, we are confident that business will remain unchanged regarding this and that we will continue to deliver the highest possible service to support you and your business.

Our global presence further allows us to segment projects by location, product, customers and support times, providing business continuity in times of crisis.

Any potential changes that affect certain support channels in the future – such as temporary shifts or reductions of support times – will be informed accordingly and in time.

We are committed to providing you with the best support possible during this uncertain time and to do everything we can so that your and our businesses remains unchanged.

5 Years of SAP on Azure – Postponed

The event is postponed until further notice

The health of our customers, partners and employees has the highest priority for ITPC AG. Against the background of the current situation regarding the spread of the coronavirus, we are therefore postponing our 5-year SAP on Azure celebration until further notice.

About the event

In March 2020, ITPC is celebrating 5 years of SAP on Azure in Switzerland! In these past 5 years, we closed over 35 projects in diverse countries and different industries, helping our customers to accelerate their digital transformation, increase flexibility of their SAP landscape and reach cost savings.


  • SAP on Azure in Switzerland: How did ITPC and the market develop in the past 5 years?
    Vincenzo Boesch, Founder and CEO at ITPC AG
  • Empower every person and organization on the planet to achieve more. Microsoft’s partners like ITPC, make more possible
    Thomas Winter, Head of Partner & SMEs – Member of the Executive Board of Microsoft Switzerland
  • Panel discussion
    SAP on Azure customers
  • Technical insight to SAP on Azure: How do we ensure security for our customers?
    Thomas Brülhart, SAP Technology Consultant, SAP BASIS Project Team Lead at ITPC AG
  • Microsoft Vision – SAP on Azure
    Harald Bolbach, Strategic Pursuit Team at Microsoft Corporation
  • Between hype, fear and reality – Which topics are driving digital transformation?
    Benjamin Talin, Intl. Keynote Speaker | CEO at MoreThanDigital & 361 Group

New date to be announced

The new event date will be displayed on this site as soon as it has been fixed.

Participants who have already registered to the event will be informed immediately of the new date.

If you also do not want to miss any updates regarding this event, write us an email at events@itpccorp.com and we will keep you informed!

ITPC reaches five-year milestone of enabling customers’ digital transformation with SAP on Microsoft Azure

Read the official press release here (German): https://www.netzwoche.ch/news/2020-03-02/sap-on-azure-in-der-schweiz-was-geschah-bisher-und-wie-geht-es-weiter

Swiss-based ITPC AG, a Microsoft Partner with Gold Cloud Platform Competency specializing in SAP basis consulting, this month announced that it has reached the important five-year milestone of enabling digital transformation for customers with SAP solutions on Microsoft Azure. The company helped pioneer SAP solutions running on Azure in Switzerland in 2015, and today is a leading provider of the solution throughout Europe. ITPC will commemorate this five-year achievement with an event on March 19, 2020 at Microsoft Switzerland in Wallisellen.

In the five years since ITPC first began working with Azure, the company has observed a pronounced change in the Swiss market’s view on cloud for SAP landscapes.

Cloud receptiveness in Switzerland has evolved dramatically in recent years. When we started working with Microsoft, many organizations did not know about the benefits of deploying their SAP landscape on Microsoft Azure and were skeptical about running productive workloads on a public cloud platform. Today, they’re following the global trend as everything, including business-critical applications such as SAP, moves to the cloud. We support our customers in their digital transformation, as they are able to quickly adapt their SAP infrastructure to new market demands and innovations thanks to SAP on Azure.

Vincenzo Boesch, Director and CEO of ITPC AG

With SAP becoming an increasingly integral part of a company’s business, having a dynamic SAP environment has likewise become a prerequisite for success. Cloud computing provides organizations with the agility to scale and adapt their business models to market opportunities, creating the foundation for a flexible infrastructure that fosters innovation and growth. By moving their SAP infrastructure to Azure, organizations free themselves from the restrictions of physical infrastructure, enabling them to continuously transform and adapt their SAP systems and ultimately push forward with their digital transformation. Azure also helps deliver the adaptability that current ERP systems require, creating room for innovation, such as the upcoming S/4HANA transformation. Additionally, from a financial perspective, because the cloud follows a consumption-based model, operating expenses are typically significantly lower than an equivalent on-premises infrastructure, while hardware investment and maintenance costs all but disappear—providing companies with a compelling economic incentive to move to the cloud on top of the performance reasons.

Since first introducing the solution in 2015, ITPC has completed over 35 SAP projects on Azure, installed over 250 SAP instances on Azure, and currently has 15 customers with production SAP workloads in the cloud. To commemorate its five years of success at helping customers digitally transform their business with SAP on Azure, ITPC is hosting a celebratory event with Microsoft on March 19, 2020 in Wallisellen. At this event, attendees will hear directly from organizations that have already completed their SAP on Azure transformation as they discuss their journey and the advantages of Azure. In addition, Microsoft will provide insights into its vision for Azure and the role of partners, while a special guest speaker will reveal how organizations should approach the next steps of their digital transformation.

We are pleased to have specialized partners such as ITPC on whom we can rely to accelerate digital transformation for SAP customers by helping them transition to the cloud. Thanks to ITPC’s deep knowledge and experience with SAP on Azure, our customers consistently and smoothly evolve their SAP experience to take advantage of the benefits of cloud computing, ensuring customer satisfaction.

Thomas Winter, OCP Lead at Microsoft Corp.

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ITPC Company Overview

Who is ITPC Group? Where are we and what do we do?

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