5 Years of SAP on Azure

In March 2020, ITPC is celebrating 5 years of SAP on Azure in Switzerland! In these past 5 years, we closed over 35 projects in diverse countries and different industries, helping our customers to accelerate their digital transformation, increase flexibility of their SAP landscape and reach cost savings.

We would like to celebrate this with you on Thursday, 19. March 2020 at Microsoft Switzerland, in Wallisellen, starting at 4pm.


  • SAP on Azure in Switzerland: How did ITPC and the market develop in the past 5 years?
    Vincenzo Boesch, Founder and CEO at ITPC AG
  • Empower every person and organization on the planet to achieve more. Microsoft’s partners like ITPC, make more possible
    Thomas Winter, Head of Partner & SMEs – Member of the Executive Board of Microsoft Switzerland
  • Panel discussion
    SAP on Azure customers
  • Technical insight to SAP on Azure: How do we ensure security for our customers?
    Thomas Brülhart, SAP Technology Consultant, SAP BASIS Project Team Lead at ITPC AG
  • Microsoft Vision – SAP on Azure
    Harald Bolbach, Strategic Pursuit Team at Microsoft Corporation
  • Between hype, fear and reality – Which topics are driving digital transformation?
    Benjamin Talin, Intl. Keynote Speaker | CEO at MoreThanDigital & 361 Group

Please note that the event will take place in German.

Apéro and wine tasting start at 7pm.

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Crayon – SAP Licensing Breakfast Roadshow 2020

Learn the latest and most important news about SAP and how to optimize your SAP licensing at our Breakfast Roadshow. The event will take place in three locations in February 2020 and be hosted by our partner, Crayon.

Dates and venues:

The roadshows start at 08:15 and end at 11:45.


  • SAP Basic Knowhow: Licensing Basics, SAP Evolution, Contracts
  • SAP licensing: licensing models, pricing, discounts, maintenance
  • New licensing model: Indirect usage / digital access
  • Measurement: Reporting Process (SLAW2)
  • Crayon Services: SAP Optimization Service “SOS”, Content, Process, Results
  • ITPC – SAP on Azure: Background, Advantages and Customer Examples/Scenarios, Migration to Azure, HANA on Azure

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Observation: the event will take place in German.

Microsoft’s official launch of the Swiss Datacenters: 29. August 2019

Microsoft has announced in March 2018 the expansion of its cloud services from new datacenters in Switzerland (Microsoft announcement). After a long wait and great anticipation, the time has finally come to jointly celebrate the launch of the Swiss datacenters!

Join this celebration at Microsoft’s official remote launch event: Innovate Switzerland! The event will take place on Thursday, 29. August in Geneva, Bern and Zurich and will be broadcasted to us, so you can be fully informed about the new datacenters.


Microsoft’s official launch of the Swiss Datacenters


29. August 2019, 10:00 – 11:00


Microsoft Teams


How the availability of the Microsoft Datacenters can unleash / enable innovation in Switzerland without compromising on security and data residency: Sharing customer examples from across industries and Swiss regions; discussing the importance of ICT-driven innovation for Swiss companies

Obs: the broadcast will take place in English

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Read more about SAP on Cloud here: https://www.itpcgroup.com/services/sap-on-cloud/

Microsoft Swiss Data Centers: Update

Today, we were invited by Microsoft Switzerland to a very special event dedicated to all communication and marketing managers from the Microsoft Partner Network. The goal of this information- and networking-event was to inform us in first-hand about the current status of the Swiss data centers and the planned activities for the launch of the highly anticipated Microsoft Cloud in Switzerland.

Much has happened since Microsoft first communicated the launch of the Cloud in Switzerland, but they have been quite secretive about the details of this launch. Unfortunately, there are still many things they cannot tell us (yet) and others that, even though we know, we cannot share with you (yet). But here is what we you can know so far:

Microsoft is right on schedule

Even though there is no specific and public date yet, Microsoft is on schedule with the plan: the launch of the Swiss datacenters will take place in 2019! We will be informed of the exact launch date in time and the launch itself will be, of course, celebrated and communicated accordingly.

Advantages of the Swiss datacenter

The Microsoft Cloud in Switzerland brings many advantages, from which Microsoft highlights the following:

  • Compliance
  • Data residency
  • Performance

The Swiss datacenters are especially interesting for highly regulated industries which require for the data to be saved and remain locally. Microsoft’s new Cloud is FINMA-compliant, displaying the highest security standards.

Two locations in Switzerland

Microsoft is launching two data centers, which are paired within Switzerland, based in the greater Zurich- and Geneva-areas:

For security reasons, the exact location is kept under high confidentiality – even within Microsoft itself. However, both data centers are deliberately set up at a distance of approximately 200km from each other for geo-redundancy reasons. This ensures, for instance, disaster recovery scenarios.

Have we aroused your interest in migrating your SAP landscapes to the Microsoft Cloud based in Switzerland? Contact us so we can discuss further advantages personally!: https://www.itpcgroup.com/contact/

For more information on SAP on Azure, visit: www.saponazure.cloud

Read the official Microsoft announcement of the Swiss datacenters: https://news.microsoft.com/de-ch/2018/03/14/microsoft-cloud-services-expand-in-europe-including-new-swiss-datacenters/

What companies need in order to start their ‘HANA on Azure’ journey

On our event ‘HANA on Azure’, in Zurich, manufacturers and service providers showed what companies need to consider when switching to HANA: New skills, Linux, cloud readiness and good planning are needed.

Did you miss the event? Don’t worry, you can read about the topics covered in this article from Netzwoche! (in German)

‘The effort for the migration to S/4HANA should not be underestimated. The company’s central IT systems have to be migrated during ongoing operations, new skills, new hardware, a new operating system and good planning are required, as Nicolas Christener, CEO of Adfinis SyGroup, said in his presentation. Together with ITPC, Adfinis SyGroup founded the joint venture “SOLHANA” (Solutions for HANA). Solhana is designed to help companies make the transition.

Adfinis SyGroup brings its experience in the Linux world to the partnership, ITPC contributes its expertise as an SAP technology consultant, as ITPC CEO Vincenzo Boesch said. Together, the two IT service providers put together a package that ranges from an assessment of the necessary technical and functional measures to the actual migration of the workloads to S/4HANA to the operation and support of the new ERP landscape. ITPC also offers various cloud services for SAP HANA on Azure – from archiving subsystems to complete operation in the cloud.’

Vincenzo Boesch at the HANA on Azure event
Vincenzo Boesch advises companies on the use of SAP solutions in the cloud. (Source: Netzwoche)

Read the published press release on IT Reseller here:


Visit https://www.itpcgroup.com/services/s-4hana-transformation/ for more information on how we can assist you on your S/4HANA transformation.