Gebrüder Meier increases flexibility thanks to SAP on Azure

With over 100 years of experience in the field, Gebrüder Meier AG values tradition but knows that maintaining customer centricity – and thus, being able to adapt to ever-changing market needs – is crucial. By migrating its SAP systems to Microsoft Azure, the Swiss service company for electrical machines and drive technology was able to increase the flexibility of its environment while reducing infrastructure expenditure.

With its extensive range of services, Gebrüder Meier AG has been one of the leading service providers in Switzerland since 1918. They offer solutions from individual products to complete plant services in the areas of motors, generators, gearboxes, frequency converters, control engineering, mechanical production and locksmiths. Thanks to their three strategically distributed locations, customers receive their high-quality services throughout Switzerland within a short time. Gebrüder Meier AG is a flexible and innovative partner for electrical and mechanical problem solutions, serving more than 3’000 customers every year.

Gebrüder Meier AG has a compact SAP landscape comprised of two systems that were hosted and operated on their own in-house servers. As its server hardware was reaching the end of its lifecycle, a solution for the next few years had to be found. Knowing that Gebrüder Meier AG wanted to migrate its SAP systems to the cloud, the Swiss electronic manufacturer was looking for a partner with extensive cloud experience.

In addition to SAP and public cloud expertise, Gebrüder Meier AG valued a cost-efficient solution and a provider with an efficient customer care. With more than 5 years’ experience in SAP on Azure, ITPC covered the main prerequisites for new provider of Gebrüder Meier AG. The data security – the last but not less important requirement for the solution – was ensured by the hyperscale provider Microsoft Azure.

“We were impressed by ITPC’s highly professional project organization. The exchange of information and the distribution of tasks was structured and efficient. ITPC obtained all the information it needed from the old provider without the need of our involvement, which was an enormous relief for us.”

Eveline Saxer: CFO, Gebrüder Meier AG

The migration of the SAP systems was carried out in stages over two weekends. The project was completed successfully, without any problems nor the need to draw on the fallback scenarios, which have previously been played through. With the prospect that Gebrüder Meier AG is planning to migrate to HANA and upgrade to EHP8 at a later point, ITPC AG conducted a unicode conversion together with the Azure migration. After some tests were conducted by Gebrüder Meier AG’s specialist departments, the systems went live in December 2019.

“The cooperation with ITPC is excellent, there are real SAP specialists at work, you can feel that every day.”

Eveline Saxer: CFO, Gebrüder Meier AG

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Honoring the Honest: ITPC is a proud tax filer!

A few months ago, the Central Government of India has launched a campaign called ‘Honoring the Honest’, sending badges of recognition to regular and truthful tax filers. The initiative enables individuals and organizations to use the ‘Proud Filer Badge’ in their display pictures, encouraging others to file their tax returns timely and correctly.

At ITPC, we set a great value on fulfilling our duties towards the government. We recognize that, by doing so, we play an active role in the development of the nation. In the last years, we have always strived to meet the tax regulations of India and are thus very proud of receiving the ‘Proud Filer Badge’:

ITPC is a proud tax filer

We wear this badge with pride and hope we serve as an inspiration for other tax payers to also file their income tax return in time and correctly!

10 Years of ITPC India

10 years ITPC India

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”
Henry Ford

Celebrating a decade of service to our valued customers

We are delighted to announce that ITPC India Pvt. Ltd. has completed 10 years, a milestone that is worth celebrating. In 2006, Vincenzo Boesch founded ITPC AG in Zurich, Switzerland. After four years, together with his brother Biagio Boesch, they decided to expand and established a subsidiary in Pune, India: ITPC India Pvt Ltd, on the 17. September 2010.

In these past 10 years, we have been committed to acquire the expertise needed to deliver the highest service to our customers. ITPC has achieved the following partner levels in India: Microsoft Azure Cloud Gold Competency Partner, Run SAP Partner, Red Hat Ready – Solution Provider Partner & SUSE Gold Partner on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) for SAP. Being partners with the three biggest public cloud providers – Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services – so our customers can adopt their preferred SAP on Cloud-strategy.

Growth Over the years

With an expert and certified team of more than 50 experienced members, we successfully completed over 470 SAP projects in many countries and across different verticals. Today’s fast-paced business demands deeper knowledge, quality, and on-time delivery. Customers, stakeholders, and partners are always looking out for continuous and improved delivery: We are able to deliver this and remain the first choice of our customers.

The Path Forward

ITPC aims to serving customers always beyond their requirements. Our aim has always been to deliver highest quality services as per Swiss Standards. And we will continue delivering this in the years to come, so that our customers can still set the same trust in us: we look forward for the continuous success!

Algra Group avoids high infrastructure costs with Azure

Algra tec took advantage of the upcoming end of hardware lifecycle to increase the flexibility of its SAP environment by migrating to Microsoft Azure.

Pursuing new technologies

Algra tec is one of the leading aluminum manufacturers of printing plates, panels and keyboards, using state-of-the-art technologies to produce customer-tailored solutions for diverse industries. With more than 60 years of experience in the field, the Swiss-based organization is continuously researching and developing new technologies to shape its customers – and our – future.

Being a technology-driven organization, Algra tec knows the importance of innovation and being able to quickly react and adapt itself to ever-evolving market needs. So, with the organization’s end of hardware lifecycle approaching, Algra tec searched for a solution that would increase the flexibility of its SAP environment and create room for innovation in a cost-effective manner: requirements met by Microsoft’s public cloud, Azure.

A smooth transition to the cloud

Having taken the strategic decision to migrate its SAP environment to Microsoft Azure, Algra tec was in need of an expert partner in which they could trust to take up this responsibility. The Swiss manufacturer evaluated diverse SAP service providers, but it was ITPC AG’s competency in SAP and experience with Microsoft Azure which, combined with its competitive pricing, gave Algra tec the necessary confidence to conduct the project with them.

Before conducting the backup-and-restore migration of Algra’s SAP systems to Microsoft Azure, ITPC AG upgraded the organization’s database and operating system. Being able to compress the data volumes on the initial environment significantly speeded up the migration process. The migration was conducted in 8 weeks, going live in November 2019.

The migration to Microsoft Azure was completed flawlessly without any disturbance nor disruption to the ongoing operations. Our SAP landscape was running smoothly one day after the completion of the migration and faster than before thanks to the new and modern hardware.

Dieter Matter: Chief Executive Officer at Algra tec

Increased flexibility and room for innovation

Having its SAP landscape hosted on Azure, Algra tec was able to avoid the approaching infrastructure investments and increased its IT cost transparency using Microsoft’s ‘pay-per-consumption’-model. As the cloud allows fast and flexible deployment of new systems and for resizing of existing systems, Algra tec creates room for innovation.

ITPC AG not only planned and conducted the SAP on Azure migration project, but now also manages Algra’s SAP environment on the cloud, relieving Algra of both SAP- and infrastructure-related tasks. Having this responsibility outsourced to an expert partner is a further perceived benefit of deploying its SAP infrastructure on the cloud, as it allows Algra to focus more on creating customized solutions for its customers: their core business.

ITPC has highly competent professionals at our availability to provide all the necessary support during and after completion of the project.

Dieter Matter: Chief Executive Officer at Algra tec

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KOT Insurance Company improves the resilience and security migrating its SAP landscape to Microsoft Azure

Identifying optimization opportunities

Headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, KOT Insurance Company AG conducts reinsurance activities for its parent company, Petróleos Mexicanos (PEMEX), Mexico’s state-owned petroleum company. Like many businesses in the insurance and financial sectors, KOT Insurance is governed by regulatory entities such as the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA), so security is always a high priority.

In the past, KOT Insurance hosted its SAP systems in a local data center, with Swiss-based ITPC Group delivering managed services for the company’s SAP landscape. KOT Insurance was extremely conscious of the importance of its business information and of ensuring the highest security when it came to accessing this information, so when vulnerability concerns related to its overall IT infrastructure surfaced in 2017, the insurer accelerated its previously made decision to undertake changes to its infrastructure. KOT Insurance was looking to implement a more cost-efficient solution with higher flexibility and security for its systems, and turned to a trusted partner that had already established itself as a leader in SAP cloud migrations: ITPC.

When we decided to change a paradigm—to use Azure cloud in our company—we knew where to go, but not “how.” Fortunately, ITPC collaborated on one of the biggest IT infrastructure changes for KOT Insurance Company. The ITPC team showed, without a doubt, that it was ready for the implementation of our project without any difficulty.

Erick Cardenas: IT Administrator at KOT Insurance Company AG

Cloud as the ideal solution

As both a Microsoft Gold Partner with Gold Cloud Platform Competency and a pioneer of SAP on Azure throughout Europe, ITPC outlined the advantages of deploying SAP systems in the cloud over hosting such systems locally. More specifically, ITPC demonstrated how Microsoft Azure was the most suitable cloud option for KOT Insurance, and how the company’s SAP landscape could be built up in Azure using a Disaster Recovery solution. As part of a highly regulated industry with strict security requirements, KOT Insurance was especially impressed with Azure’s inherently high level of security—a feature which, together with the increased flexibility of the systems, was a deciding factor to move forward with the project.

Utilizing its proven SAP on Azure solution, ITPC planned, executed, and performed a “lift-and-shift” migration of the SAP landscape to Microsoft Azure, including rebuilding the infrastructure using a new network design. To further increase the security of the landscape, ITPC created four separate subscriptions in Azure, controlling data exchange with just-in-time access using Network Security Groups (NSGs). The migration itself was completed in less than a month and went live in February 2019.

Flexible for the future

KOT Insurance is extremely pleased with the SAP on Azure solution delivered by ITPC and the greater resilience and security it provides. On Microsoft Azure, the response time of the current support team is far superior to that of the previous one, and the company has been able to reduce the amount of technical issues with the new Azure-based solution. Additionally, the insurance company now has improved security and recovery processes as compared to the previous platform and hosting provider, thanks to a Disaster Recovery Plan that was implemented following completion of the SAP on Azure migration. KOT Insurance is currently planning to migrate additional internal applications to Microsoft Azure, which will benefit greatly from the platform’s flexibility and built-in security. In doing so, the insurance company hopes to use Microsoft Azure as an ideal solution for reducing infrastructure costs while increasing security, flexibility and accessibility—even for business-critical applications.

In the last three years of cooperation with the ITPC company, they have demonstrated that their level of professionalism and commitment to deliver projects is their priority. We have noticed that the quality of services is distinguishable and was exactly what we expected from a company like ITPC. We are really happy to work with them.
Cloud computing is easily one of the best IT achievements in the business world. When we decided to move to it with the help of Microsoft Azure, we got efficiency, reliability, flexibility, and speed as much as we wanted. We still think we received nothing but benefits.

Erick Cardenas: IT Administrator at KOT Insurance Company AG

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Keeping pace with innovation through Azure

ProNovia AG runs SAP on Azure


ProNovia AG is a leading Swiss company specialized in the implementation of SAP Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions, and whose core competences lie in consulting, implementation and support during the entire realization of a project. Developing customer-specific PLM Add-ons, ProNovia AG is required to adopt the Best Practices and the overall strategy of SAP when working with the SAP environments of its clients and partners.

Given the continuous demand for innovation, ProNovia AG is constantly looking for ways to increase its flexibility and adaptation to new SAP applications and technological platforms. Approaching the end of the contract lifecycle with its current hosting provider, ProNovia AG took the opportunity to rethink its SAP hosting model.


With the help of ITPC AG, ProNovia AG appreciated the advantages of moving its SAP systems to Microsoft’s Azure Cloud. The results of a series of performance, stability and reliability tests on an SAP IDES-System running on Microsoft Azure, along with an analysis of the cost structure involved in running ProNovia AG’s SAP landscapes on Azure reinforced the decision to move to the Cloud.

“Microsoft Azure gives us the flexibility to quickly adapt the infrastructure to changing requirements. In addition, the current solution is also economically very attractive.“

Christian Gradolf, Member of the Executive Board at ProNovia AG

The migration to Microsoft Azure was planned and conducted by ITPC AG. ITPC AG performed a lift-and-shift migration, which allowed multiple systems to be moved simultaneously and during ongoing operations, without any significant interruption to the business. With this approach, ProNovia AG was able to carry out any development and configuration modifications to the SAP landscapes in parallel to the Azure migration, thereby speeding up the project. As a result, the whole migration project was completed in less than three weeks, deploying the new infrastructure in less than 24 hours and meeting the planned Go-Live deadline in April 2016.


By moving to Azure, ProNovia AG improved the performance of their SAP systems while reducing its hosting costs. On Microsoft Azure, infrastructure and the SAP applications on it are charged per consumption, further reducing the company’s operating expenditure. With the Microsoft Azure Cloud ProNovia AG was able to cut costs by approximately 35% compared with its previous hosted solution.

Azure allows fast and flexible deployment of additional systems on demand, which increases the company’s ability to adopt new technologies and creates room for innovation. ProNovia AG used this advantage in the months immediately following the migration by starting its journey to S/4HANA. Without having to order new hardware, the transformation to the new SAP release was fairly easy, with one system up and working on S/4 [HD1] in the following month, the first of several planned migrations. Thanks to ITPC AG and Microsoft, ProNovia AG is able to easily tackle the upcoming challenges around innovation.

ProNovia AG is a leading Swiss company specialized in the implementation of SAP Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions. Migrating to Microsoft Azure increased the company’s flexibility and performance of SAP environments while reducing 35% of its operating expenditures:

“Microsoft Azure gives us the flexibility to quickly adapt the infrastructure to changing requirements. In addition, the current solution is also economically very attractive. With ITPC and Microsoft Azure we have found the ideal partners. ITPC with its well-founded know-how, both on Microsoft Azure and SAP Basis, handles all our requests in the shortest possible time and to our complete satisfaction.”

Christian Gradolf, Member of the Executive Board at ProNovia AG

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Petroleum company runs SAP on Azure, trims costs by 40%

GRISARD-Gruppe is a leading Swiss petroleum company, bitumen and asphalt manufacturer, and real estate management firm. To reduce costs, improve performance, and speed innovation, the company made a strategic decision to migrate all its business applications to Microsoft Azure. By moving SAP applications to Azure, GRISARD has reduced costs by 40 percent and dramatically improved SAP performance. It’s now busy migrating other workloads to Azure and exploring technologies such as Azure IoT Hub to fuel data-driven innovation.

Read the full success story here: GRISARD-Gruppe on Azure

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