Gebrüder Meier increases flexibility thanks to SAP on Azure

With over 100 years of experience in the field, Gebrüder Meier AG values tradition but knows that maintaining customer centricity – and thus, being able to adapt to ever-changing market needs – is crucial. By migrating its SAP systems to Microsoft Azure, the Swiss service company for electrical machines and drive technology was able to increase the flexibility of its environment while reducing infrastructure expenditure.

With its extensive range of services, Gebrüder Meier AG has been one of the leading service providers in Switzerland since 1918. They offer solutions from individual products to complete plant services in the areas of motors, generators, gearboxes, frequency converters, control engineering, mechanical production and locksmiths. Thanks to their three strategically distributed locations, customers receive their high-quality services throughout Switzerland within a short time. Gebrüder Meier AG is a flexible and innovative partner for electrical and mechanical problem solutions, serving more than 3’000 customers every year.

Gebrüder Meier AG has a compact SAP landscape comprised of two systems that were hosted and operated on their own in-house servers. As its server hardware was reaching the end of its lifecycle, a solution for the next few years had to be found. Knowing that Gebrüder Meier AG wanted to migrate its SAP systems to the cloud, the Swiss electronic manufacturer was looking for a partner with extensive cloud experience.

In addition to SAP and public cloud expertise, Gebrüder Meier AG valued a cost-efficient solution and a provider with an efficient customer care. With more than 5 years’ experience in SAP on Azure, ITPC covered the main prerequisites for new provider of Gebrüder Meier AG. The data security – the last but not less important requirement for the solution – was ensured by the hyperscale provider Microsoft Azure.

“We were impressed by ITPC’s highly professional project organization. The exchange of information and the distribution of tasks was structured and efficient. ITPC obtained all the information it needed from the old provider without the need of our involvement, which was an enormous relief for us.”

Eveline Saxer: CFO, Gebrüder Meier AG

The migration of the SAP systems was carried out in stages over two weekends. The project was completed successfully, without any problems nor the need to draw on the fallback scenarios, which have previously been played through. With the prospect that Gebrüder Meier AG is planning to migrate to HANA and upgrade to EHP8 at a later point, ITPC AG conducted a unicode conversion together with the Azure migration. After some tests were conducted by Gebrüder Meier AG’s specialist departments, the systems went live in December 2019.

“The cooperation with ITPC is excellent, there are real SAP specialists at work, you can feel that every day.”

Eveline Saxer: CFO, Gebrüder Meier AG

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