Honoring the Honest: ITPC is a proud tax filer!

A few months ago, the Central Government of India has launched a campaign called ‘Honoring the Honest’, sending badges of recognition to regular and truthful tax filers. The initiative enables individuals and organizations to use the ‘Proud Filer Badge’ in their display pictures, encouraging others to file their tax returns timely and correctly.

At ITPC, we set a great value on fulfilling our duties towards the government. We recognize that, by doing so, we play an active role in the development of the nation. In the last years, we have always strived to meet the tax regulations of India and are thus very proud of receiving the ‘Proud Filer Badge’:

ITPC is a proud tax filer

We wear this badge with pride and hope we serve as an inspiration for other tax payers to also file their income tax return in time and correctly!