ITPC reaches five-year milestone of enabling customers’ digital transformation with SAP on Microsoft Azure

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Swiss-based ITPC AG, a Microsoft Partner with Gold Cloud Platform Competency specializing in SAP basis consulting, this month announced that it has reached the important five-year milestone of enabling digital transformation for customers with SAP solutions on Microsoft Azure. The company helped pioneer SAP solutions running on Azure in Switzerland in 2015, and today is a leading provider of the solution throughout Europe. ITPC will commemorate this five-year achievement with an event on March 19, 2020 at Microsoft Switzerland in Wallisellen.

In the five years since ITPC first began working with Azure, the company has observed a pronounced change in the Swiss market’s view on cloud for SAP landscapes.

Cloud receptiveness in Switzerland has evolved dramatically in recent years. When we started working with Microsoft, many organizations did not know about the benefits of deploying their SAP landscape on Microsoft Azure and were skeptical about running productive workloads on a public cloud platform. Today, they’re following the global trend as everything, including business-critical applications such as SAP, moves to the cloud. We support our customers in their digital transformation, as they are able to quickly adapt their SAP infrastructure to new market demands and innovations thanks to SAP on Azure.

Vincenzo Boesch, Director and CEO of ITPC AG

With SAP becoming an increasingly integral part of a company’s business, having a dynamic SAP environment has likewise become a prerequisite for success. Cloud computing provides organizations with the agility to scale and adapt their business models to market opportunities, creating the foundation for a flexible infrastructure that fosters innovation and growth. By moving their SAP infrastructure to Azure, organizations free themselves from the restrictions of physical infrastructure, enabling them to continuously transform and adapt their SAP systems and ultimately push forward with their digital transformation. Azure also helps deliver the adaptability that current ERP systems require, creating room for innovation, such as the upcoming S/4HANA transformation. Additionally, from a financial perspective, because the cloud follows a consumption-based model, operating expenses are typically significantly lower than an equivalent on-premises infrastructure, while hardware investment and maintenance costs all but disappear—providing companies with a compelling economic incentive to move to the cloud on top of the performance reasons.

Since first introducing the solution in 2015, ITPC has completed over 35 SAP projects on Azure, installed over 250 SAP instances on Azure, and currently has 15 customers with production SAP workloads in the cloud. To commemorate its five years of success at helping customers digitally transform their business with SAP on Azure, ITPC is hosting a celebratory event with Microsoft on March 19, 2020 in Wallisellen. At this event, attendees will hear directly from organizations that have already completed their SAP on Azure transformation as they discuss their journey and the advantages of Azure. In addition, Microsoft will provide insights into its vision for Azure and the role of partners, while a special guest speaker will reveal how organizations should approach the next steps of their digital transformation.

We are pleased to have specialized partners such as ITPC on whom we can rely to accelerate digital transformation for SAP customers by helping them transition to the cloud. Thanks to ITPC’s deep knowledge and experience with SAP on Azure, our customers consistently and smoothly evolve their SAP experience to take advantage of the benefits of cloud computing, ensuring customer satisfaction.

Thomas Winter, OCP Lead at Microsoft Corp.

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