SOLHANA Migration

SOLHANA – short for ‘Solutions for HANA’ – is a single point of contact for companies searching for a service provider to plan, implement and operate SAP S/4HANA in their organization. SOLHANA covers the broad expertise needed to offer independent hardware or public cloud evaluations, Linux systems engineering and maintenance, SAP migrations as well as SAP operations. SOLHANA’s approach and deep business domain expertise in both SAP and Linux facilitates a structured framework for your business to move to the next generation of SAP ERP Suite. Our dedicated team of consultants will accelerate your journey to S/4HANA with the following 6-step migration process.

The SOLHANA Migration includes the following 6 steps:

SOLHANA Migration Process

1. Preparation

Preparatory steps for the migration are executed on the source system and the business processes of the organization are revised.

2. Design

The ideal architecture deployment is designed in detail, including the backup solution, the desired software components and a cost overview of the project.

3. Planning

A holistic S/4HANA migration roadmap is laid out, with respect to timeframe, sequence of events and area of responsibility.

4. Pilot

A pilot migration is carried out to finalize the plan and for the organization to gain experience with HANA.

5. Migration

The migration of the current SAP ERP to S/4HANA is carried out and the business processes of the organization are tailored to leverage the new system capabilities.

6. After Go-Live Support

Postmigration support to ensure the S/4HANA landscapes are performing as required. As every organization’s migration path is unique, this process is tailored for each organization. SOLHANA recognizes that priorities vary and each organization needs to determine the right timetable for its specific requirements.

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What companies need in order to start their ‘HANA on Azure’ journey

On our event ‘HANA on Azure’, in Zurich, manufacturers and service providers showed what companies need to consider when switching to HANA: New skills, Linux, cloud readiness and good planning are needed.

Did you miss the event? Don’t worry, you can read about the topics covered in this article from Netzwoche! (in German)

‘The effort for the migration to S/4HANA should not be underestimated. The company’s central IT systems have to be migrated during ongoing operations, new skills, new hardware, a new operating system and good planning are required, as Nicolas Christener, CEO of Adfinis SyGroup, said in his presentation. Together with ITPC, Adfinis SyGroup founded the joint venture “SOLHANA” (Solutions for HANA). Solhana is designed to help companies make the transition.

Adfinis SyGroup brings its experience in the Linux world to the partnership, ITPC contributes its expertise as an SAP technology consultant, as ITPC CEO Vincenzo Boesch said. Together, the two IT service providers put together a package that ranges from an assessment of the necessary technical and functional measures to the actual migration of the workloads to S/4HANA to the operation and support of the new ERP landscape. ITPC also offers various cloud services for SAP HANA on Azure – from archiving subsystems to complete operation in the cloud.’

Vincenzo Boesch at the HANA on Azure event
Vincenzo Boesch advises companies on the use of SAP solutions in the cloud. (Source: Netzwoche)

Read the published press release on IT Reseller here:

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Partnership with license advisor Crayon

SAP is a very complex topic, which is only tackled by a few consultants in Switzerland. This makes it even more important to find the right partners for the various aspects of SAP. For this purpose, Crayon and ITPC have decided to start a partnership which optimally complements each other, covering all the customer’s SAP needs.

In this collaboration, Crayon will focus on the long-term optimization of SAP software licenses, so that customers only license what they need, while guaranteeing that compliance is consistently covered. On the other hand, ITPC ensures that customer SAP platforms are solidly installed, supported, maintained and managed both on-premise and on the cloud.

With both parties at the customer’s side, SAP licenses and infrastructure is ideally covered, including topics such as cloud readiness, database migration and optimization services, contributing to customer profitability. Thus, it is safe to say that Crayon and ITPC start the new year with a win-win-win situation!

CEOs from ITPC and Crayon Vincenzo Boesch (left) and Rolf Stadler (right) announcing their partnership. (Source: Crayon)
Crayon Logo

Read the published press release on IT Reseller here: IT Reseller: Crayon und ITPC (DE)

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SAP on Azure

ITPC is Microsoft Gold Partner with Gold Cloud Platform competency, Run SAP-partners and SAP on Azure specialists. We are the pioneer of SAP on Azure in Europe, having successfully completed over 30 SAP on Azure projects in different markets and across various industries.

The benefits of SAP on Azure

Migrating your SAP landscape to Microsoft Azure can:

  • Lead to cost savings in capital expenditure and operating expenses
  • Increase your ability to react to innovations
  • Prepare you for your upcoming S/4HANA migration

Calculate your individual business case

How much does hosting your SAP landscape on Azure cost?

To do this calculation, we would only need some information about your landscape, such as the number and type of SAP systems. With the details of your SAP landscape we are already able to calculate your SAP on Azure business case! Fill in the following contact form and we will send you a questionnaire to be filled in.

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Migrating to Azure

ITPC is more than just a Cloud migration partner. With ITPC you get one solution provider to take complete care of all your SAP infrastructure challenges, from migration planning to post-migration operations support in a 5-step migration process.

The migration to the Cloud consists of the following 5 steps:

  1. Cloud Readiness and Governance
  2. Design & Sizing of SAP infrastructure
  3. Pilot of SAP on Azure
  4. Migration to Microsoft Azure
  5. Managed services & Operations

More information

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SOLHANA Assessment

SOLHANA – short for „Solutions for HANA“- is a single point of contact for organizations searching for a service provider to plan, implement and operate SAP S/4HANA in their organization. Through a unique assessment, our SAP architect experts will provide you with the optimal SAP architecture design, the best possible migration path to S/4HANA and its effects on your company’s business processes.

Watch the short video to learn more about the SOLHANA Assessment and how we can help you prepare for your upcoming migration to S/4HANA:

The SOLHANA Assessment includes the following 6 steps:

SOLHANA Assessment Process

1. The kick-off meeting

Assessment process is explained in detail.

2. Current situation – what are your requirements?

Intensive workshop to understand the organization’s situation in the following dimensions:

  • Current SAP: how does your current SAP landscape look?
  • Modifications: which adjustments to your current SAP were made?
  • Infrastructure requirements: what specifications do you need of S/4HANA?

3. Business transformation to SAP S/4HANA

The upgrade to S/4HANA is analysed from a functional perspective:

  • Process workshop: what are the (core) business processes of your company?
  • Presentation of new features in S/4HANA: which innovations does S/4HANA have?
  • Delta workshops: which innovations of S/4HANA have an effect on your business processes?
  • Greenfield vs. brownfield: How should the transition to SAP S/4HANA look like?

4. S/4HANA architecture design and deployment options

1-3 proposals for a future architecture design are worked out based on the organization’s requirements for SAP S/4HANA.

5. Roadmap to SAP S/4HANA

A high-level plan of migration to SAP S/4HANA with milestones and approximate dates is developed. This helps organizations to plan and guide their transition to SAP S/4HANA in terms of invested time and objectives to be met.

6. Assessment review and closure

The results of the previous sections – SAP S/4HANA readiness check, overview of the new features in S/4HANA related to your business processes, architecture design proposals, conversion path options, a roadmap to SAP S/4HANA – are presented to the organization’s management and summarized in a report. These documents can serve as a basis for the management’s decisions on how to move forward.

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Partnership with STS to push SAP on Azure in MENA region

It is a pleasure to announce our new partnership with STS – Specialized Technical Services!

Delivering the highest quality of SAP services and project management with local support, this new partnership is expected to spark innovation and expedite the Cloud revolution in the Middle East. Together, ITPC and STS offer a one-stop solution for companies looking for SAP and Azure experts.

ITPC, a Swiss consulting company specialized in SAP technology, and Specialized Technical Services (STS), a provider of comprehensive IT solutions in the MENA region, have announced the formation of a strategic partnership. With Microsoft’s assistance, this collaboration aims at pushing SAP on Microsoft Azure in the Middle East by providing local customer support and project management.

The relationship with STS represents a big opportunity for us to significantly grow its presence in the MENA region and extend it to other parts of the world over time.

We believe that STS is the right partner to expand our line of services in the Middle East region. Their in-depth knowledge of Microsoft Infrastructure Services and experience in this market was just what we were looking for. With STS we now have a local team to drive sales in the Arab countries, support customers and manage projects on-site

Vincenzo Boesch, director and CEO of ITPC
STS Logo

The full press release is published on Arab News:

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Keeping pace with innovation through Azure

ProNovia AG runs SAP on Azure


ProNovia AG is a leading Swiss company specialized in the implementation of SAP Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions, and whose core competences lie in consulting, implementation and support during the entire realization of a project. Developing customer-specific PLM Add-ons, ProNovia AG is required to adopt the Best Practices and the overall strategy of SAP when working with the SAP environments of its clients and partners.

Given the continuous demand for innovation, ProNovia AG is constantly looking for ways to increase its flexibility and adaptation to new SAP applications and technological platforms. Approaching the end of the contract lifecycle with its current hosting provider, ProNovia AG took the opportunity to rethink its SAP hosting model.


With the help of ITPC AG, ProNovia AG appreciated the advantages of moving its SAP systems to Microsoft’s Azure Cloud. The results of a series of performance, stability and reliability tests on an SAP IDES-System running on Microsoft Azure, along with an analysis of the cost structure involved in running ProNovia AG’s SAP landscapes on Azure reinforced the decision to move to the Cloud.

“Microsoft Azure gives us the flexibility to quickly adapt the infrastructure to changing requirements. In addition, the current solution is also economically very attractive.“

Christian Gradolf, Member of the Executive Board at ProNovia AG

The migration to Microsoft Azure was planned and conducted by ITPC AG. ITPC AG performed a lift-and-shift migration, which allowed multiple systems to be moved simultaneously and during ongoing operations, without any significant interruption to the business. With this approach, ProNovia AG was able to carry out any development and configuration modifications to the SAP landscapes in parallel to the Azure migration, thereby speeding up the project. As a result, the whole migration project was completed in less than three weeks, deploying the new infrastructure in less than 24 hours and meeting the planned Go-Live deadline in April 2016.


By moving to Azure, ProNovia AG improved the performance of their SAP systems while reducing its hosting costs. On Microsoft Azure, infrastructure and the SAP applications on it are charged per consumption, further reducing the company’s operating expenditure. With the Microsoft Azure Cloud ProNovia AG was able to cut costs by approximately 35% compared with its previous hosted solution.

Azure allows fast and flexible deployment of additional systems on demand, which increases the company’s ability to adopt new technologies and creates room for innovation. ProNovia AG used this advantage in the months immediately following the migration by starting its journey to S/4HANA. Without having to order new hardware, the transformation to the new SAP release was fairly easy, with one system up and working on S/4 [HD1] in the following month, the first of several planned migrations. Thanks to ITPC AG and Microsoft, ProNovia AG is able to easily tackle the upcoming challenges around innovation.

ProNovia AG is a leading Swiss company specialized in the implementation of SAP Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions. Migrating to Microsoft Azure increased the company’s flexibility and performance of SAP environments while reducing 35% of its operating expenditures:

“Microsoft Azure gives us the flexibility to quickly adapt the infrastructure to changing requirements. In addition, the current solution is also economically very attractive. With ITPC and Microsoft Azure we have found the ideal partners. ITPC with its well-founded know-how, both on Microsoft Azure and SAP Basis, handles all our requests in the shortest possible time and to our complete satisfaction.”

Christian Gradolf, Member of the Executive Board at ProNovia AG

Download the full success story as PDF here: ProNovia AG on Azure

SOLHANA: Solutions for HANA

Start your S/4HANA transformation with SOLHANA before 2025 to keep up with the innovation of SAP!

SOLHANA – short for “Solutions for HANA” – is a single point of contact for organizations searching for a service provider to plan, implement and operate SAP S/4HANA in their organization.

Watch the short video to see how SOLHANA can assist you on your migration to S/4HANA:

SOLHANA consists of three modules:

  • SOLHANA Assessment: Pre-HANA-migration. Plans and evaluates the optimal pathway to S/4HANA from a functional and technical perspective
  • SOLHANA Migration: HANA-migration. Update current SAP ERP landscape to S/4, install HANA database and adapt the needed business processes
  • SOLHANA Operation: Post-HANA-migration. Monitoring, maintenance, intervention and support for the migrated S/4HANA landscape, in both SAP and Linux environments

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Petroleum company runs SAP on Azure, trims costs by 40%

GRISARD-Gruppe is a leading Swiss petroleum company, bitumen and asphalt manufacturer, and real estate management firm. To reduce costs, improve performance, and speed innovation, the company made a strategic decision to migrate all its business applications to Microsoft Azure. By moving SAP applications to Azure, GRISARD has reduced costs by 40 percent and dramatically improved SAP performance. It’s now busy migrating other workloads to Azure and exploring technologies such as Azure IoT Hub to fuel data-driven innovation.

Read the full success story here: GRISARD-Gruppe on Azure

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